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Emilia K.

In all fairness, our "official" proposal story has yet to happen. This is a story about two people with so much love, devotion and respect for each other that the proposal became just as important as the actual vows they longed to say. A proposal became something they wished to share as equals and as partners.

My fiancé and I have been together for four years, but friends for almost a decade. We have lived miles apart and moved miles to be together. We have shared everything as equals for almost all of those four years. For the past year, the question and conversation of marriage came up time and again. We know that what we share is very special and there are many people in our lives who support us and love us individually, as well as together. We definitely wanted to share our commitment with our loved ones in a big way. We did not, however, want this to be one person's decision. This is a partnership and communication is vital to its existence. It just would not feel right to make one person the sole decision maker in a moment that would ultimately change the rest of our lives.

On my birthday this past winter, I was given a handmade book. On each of the pages was a drawing leading up to the surprise at the end. It was a weekend romantic getaway to Big Sur. Just this alone would make a spectacular gift for me! Then he sat me down and told me what was really on his mind. We talked about how we both new marriage was in the cards for us and how we both wanted to be a part of that decision. Then he asked me if I would like to partake in a "super secret ceremony" with him in Big Sur, where we would exchange vows to one another before officially proclaiming our engagement. Of course, I said, "yes!" At the end of the month we will be traveling north to declare our commitment and love for one another atop a mountain. The past two months have been unbearably long, but I couldn't imagine a more perfect and precious proposal.

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