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Elizabeth W.

Colby and I had talked a little about marriage for almost a year prior to our engagement. When I told him that I was going to inherit my great grandmother's engagement ring, he asked if he could have it. He held on to it for quite some time, I must say. I was starting to get nervous. One warm day in late September, he told me I had to come home from work early on Friday for a surprise. I came home and found that he had packed our bags for what looked like several days. Still not wanting to give away the surprise, he packed them all into the car, and we started to drive.

Being the journalist I am, I grilled him with giddy questions the whole way: Is where we're going accessible by land? No. Does it involve a plane? No. Well can we drive most of the way there? No. I began to wonder. When we reached Dana Point half an hour later, I was surprised to see a lovely boat waiting for us. It wasn't until we were out on the ocean going at full-speed that I realized we were headed to Catalina Island! I had never been there before, but I had mentioned to him a long time ago that I wanted to go.

We got to Catalina and it was like a dream: the weather was balmy, the full moon reflected on the water and the music from a nearby restaurant played as we walked along the beach. He took me to a lovely Italian restaurant and spared no expenses: we had champagne followed by my favorite merlot and seafood pasta. After dinner we strolled along the beach, where several dolphins were jumping playfully in the harbor. Suddenly, a group of SCUBA divers plopped from a boat not far off. Their headlamps danced under the water, and I almost expected them to burst from the waves singing The Little Mermaid's "Kiss the Girl. "

Colby got down on one knee and told me how he wanted to be the one I leaned on, the one to hold my hand and support all of my dreams through thick and thin. He then said that he would be the happiest man alive if I would just say yes and marry him. A little teary eyed, I of course replied with an enthusiastic "Yes. " He took my hand and slipped the beautiful diamond ring on my finger. It was the happiest moment in my life, knowing I would marry my best friend and true love.

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