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Elizabeth F.

After being away a few days for a work conference, I was looking forward to spending time with my boyfriend. Dressed to the nine's, he had made reservations at some surprise location. Excited, I didn't think anything of it, and was looking forward to a night on the town. When we finally arrived at the familiar locale, I asked, "Didn't I say we should only come back here for special occasions? Today is not a special occasion." He looked over, smiled and said, "I got a great commission check this month; that's a good enough occasion." Convinced, I walked in, freshened up and we placed our orders.

Sipping on my lemon grass fizz, he stretched his arm out to give me a card, which read, "Just Because." Still, totally clueless I asked, "What is this for?" He simply replied, "Just open it." Inside revealed another message, "I love you," with a wedding dress decal and the cutest sticker of a sparkly ring. Shell shocked would be a fine description of how I felt.

I looked over to find that he had inched over to my side of the table. Down on one knee, he nervously revealed the prettiest ring that I will ever own. Speechless, stunned, amazed and exhilarated all at once, I was made the happiest girl in this world. To make things even more memorable, Top Chef contestant, Mark, was a chef at the restaurant, and we took a picture to remember the evening by!

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