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Elizabeth D.

It was December 23, 2008. I had finished a long day of work and was eager to relax with my family for some Christmas fun. Jon came over and told me he had to finish wrapping some presents for my family, so he went into a separate room to wrap them. In the meantime, my cousin Jessica asked if I would go to the store with her to buy a few things for her son. We went to the store, and as we were heading home my dad called and asked me to run to Petco to buy our dog some bones. I was confused as to why he needed them at the moment, but went anyway. I now realize that this was just the sneaky plot to get me out of the house.

I returned home and collapsed on the couch for a moment. I was about to stand up and head to my room when Jon told me I couldn't yet. I figured he was still wrapping presents, so I didn't question him. A few moments later, he came up to me with a black piece of paper with silver letters on it that said, "1. Friendship is like an old quilt, it gets more precious with time."

I stopped reading and felt confusion overtake me. I soon figured out it was a scavenger hunt. I went to a picture frame in my bathroom that had that saying on it, where I found another clue. My whole family followed me every step of the way. He sent me all over my house, from picture frames to different objects, and each step I took I had to do something silly, like flap my wings like a chicken or sing a funny song.

Finally the clues led me outside to my truck, where they all said my Christmas present would be. The card outside said, "SIKE!" As if Jon would make it that easy for me! The inside of the card read, "Not that easy! Go back through the house and follow the path until it ends...I'll meet you there." I walked in the house to see cutouts of footprints leading through the house and straight to a ladder in the backyard.

I climbed up to the roof, where Jon told me that my surprise was to watch Disneyland fireworks from my roof. I was so excited, because I have always wanted to go up there to watch them! He had timed it to the minute.

We sat together and watched them. As they ended, he stood up and grabbed my hand to help me up. From the roof, I saw the entire lawn had been covered in Christmas lights. They read "Will u Marry Me?" I was so surprised that I am glad he was holding my hand, or I may have fallen off the roof! He got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife. Through tears of love and happiness I excitedly said, "Yes!" My mom, dad, brothers, cousin and her little baby down below were all cheering for us! I could not ask for a better love than that.

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