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Diana A.

My name is Diana and my fiancé's name is Patrick. On the day after Thanksgiving 2008 he secretly went to purchase my engagement ring. Two days before Thanksgiving he said he was going to help a friend pick out an engagement ring for his fiancée who was going to surprise her on Thanksgiving Day and wanted him to tag along. I said, "Ok, how sweet, pick up some pointers while you're at." Little did I know that for the four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, he had secretly hid the bag from the jewelry store and all of the paperwork under the bed. He was hoping and praying that I wouldn't get a sudden urge to clean under there or to look through the box that held our VHS collection.

He is originally from Dubuque, Iowa and we now live in Chicago. Every year we drive to his parent's house to spend Christmas there. We divide up the other holidays between the two families but I agree to let him have Christmas because Christmas has essentially lost all of its charm for me. I think it is too commercial and the meaning is lost on frivolous gifts, toys and junk. So, he told the Jeweler to deliver the actual ring to his parent's house in Dubuque.

He then told me that his parents and all of his nieces and nephews had something special planned this year at his parents' house and they were going to wait for us to get there before they put on their little show. He also told my mother the day before we left what his intentions were and asked for my hand from her since my dad had passed away (3 years now). She of course was ecstatic and vowed to keep the secret which I know was the hardest thing for her to do because she is like a bucket with a hole in it - she can't hold water. He made her promise not to call my cell phone until after dinner because he would have told me by then.

After dinner everyone was sitting around and it was getting late and someone said that the kids have a little play they want to put on and everyone should go to the basement. So most of us dragged ourselves down there and I'm thoroughly engaged in conversation with a person or two when all of sudden 9 kids come marching down the stairs with one of Pat's older sister's leading the way. She is banging on a tambourine and they were all half heartily singing Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer. So I look up from my conversation surprised and wondering why no one practiced this song with these kids and all of sudden each child turned over the sheet of paper they were holding in their hands. I originally thought it was sheet music - who knew? But no, each child was holding a hand written note that Pat had written to spell out him popping the question. The papers read, "Diana Adams I Love You Will You Marry Me?" I was shocked. In a room full a people gawking at me. I stared blankly at the sheets trying to get my head to read what it was saying.

My confusion came because the child holding the sign that should have read "Marry" really had just an Up Arrow pointing to her face. So I quickly read and re-read the papers and I would always get stuck there. Finally the sister who led the kids into the room yelled to me and said, "Hey Dee - don't you get it, Mary is holding the sign for Marry?!" At that point it all gelled together and I got the message. Pat then got down on one knee and asked me again, would I marry him. This time I completely understood and said yes! Most of the ladies and young girls in the room were crying by then and everyone jumped up and ran to congratulate us. This happened on Christmas Eve 2008. I asked him later why did he choose Christmas Eve and he replied, "Because I want to make this time of year special for you again." What else could a girl wish for on Christmas Eve?

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