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Debra A.

Jeremy's proposal has truly been the only surprising event in my life. On my way into adulthood, I had always found a way to pry the details of secret presents and sweet sixteen parties from the lips of my loved ones. As a young child, I had mastered the art of unwrapping and re-wrapping my Christmas presents at least a week before the rest of the family. However, I didn't realize that my four-year anniversary would soon become the greatest day of my life. I spent all evening worrying because Jeremy was coming back from a business trip, and it had been snowing feverishly all evening. I paced the living room, looking out of the blinds every few minutes. I called my mom worried sick, and she kept reassuring me that he was safe and on his way home. I didn't understand how she could be so calm. Sure enough, Jeremy arrived safely.

We went to bed and started the following day, our anniversary, as a day of firsts. I was shocked to see that Jeremy had gotten flowers delivered because he hadn't done that before. No sooner than I had caught my first glimpse of that bright bouquet did my phone ring. It was him, of course, calling to wish me a happy anniversary and to reiterate that today would be a day of firsts. I was glowing all day at work and hurried home to prepare for dinner at a surprise restaurant. Jeremy got home shortly after me and quickly changed and waited patiently for me to finish getting ready, another first. He told me he had messed up and made reservations at a place we had eaten at before, and he had forgotten how much we didn't like it. I decided not to get mad or annoyed with the slipup, again a first, and we vowed to love the food no matter how terrible and overpriced it would be.

A funny thing happened on the way to the restaurant, though. He passed it! I was yelling at him to turn right when I saw his devilish grin. We were not going there, however, because he had other plans. We ended up downtown at a little cottage with about ten tables and the best food I had ever eaten. It was a place we had wanted to try for years but had always forgotten about because it was so well-hidden. At dinner, we enjoyed wine and each other's company. We talked for hours about what the future held for us and how much love and respect we had for each other after four long years. We talked about how much we longed for marriage and children but only when the timing was right.

Just as I thought the night was ending, Jeremy said he wanted to go up to the Observatory; again, it was something we had always wanted to do but never had the time to actually do. We held hands during the drive up Mars Hill and told stories of when we were first together. We passed the lookout point and were about to get to the observatory when Jeremy turned the car around. He pulled up to the lookout point and got out. There were quite a few cars there, so I thought he had seen somebody he knew and turned around. Sure enough, there were people we knew: my family. Jeremy had spent the previous day in his hometown at his family jeweler. He had his family spend six hours helping him pick out the perfect engagement ring. On his way home, he had called my parents to ask for my hand in marriage. That's how my mom had known he was okay! He didn't stop there; he had invited them, my two sisters and their families to the lookout point to be there for the proposal.

My family had all traveled to be there and to share that beautiful moment with us. When I got out of the car and saw everybody, it finally clicked what was going on. This was the whole day of firsts that we had been talking about. We were overlooking all of the shimmering lights in the city and had the stars and heavens above us. We all started to cry as we took in the beauty of the moment. Jeremy got down on one knee, and through a broken voice, he asked me to be his wife. I had never felt so loved and so sure of that love in my life. We all hugged, kissed and wiped the tears of joy from our cheeks. We retired to my eldest sister's home for champagne and cake to celebrate the start of our new life.

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