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Deborah L.

November was an eventful month for my family. It was the first time in 26 years that I would not spend Thanksgiving at home with my family. It was also a trip that I would never forget.

It all started with my brother, Jonathan. He is a talented architect and was honored for his measured drawing in a contest that celebrated Prince Charles' 60th birthday. He was invited to personally accept his award as a commended entry from the Prince himself. He was able to bring two guests along. Jonathan asked my dad and me if we would come. Who would say no to that?

Little did I know that this would throw a curveball into my fiancé's original proposal plan. We were planning on taking a trip to Savannah, but decided to postpone it. Without me knowing, Adam had already asked my dad at a Georgia Tech football game for my hand in marriage. So, after his original plan failed, Adam got with my dad and came up with the perfect proposal.

My dad and I left on a Friday to fly to London. Adam had come down to send me off, and luckily was there to help me pack because I was running late. My flight left at 8:30 pm. What I didn't know was that Adam was taking the next flight after me. My dad and I had already planned to take a day trip to Paris on Sunday. We flew out and got to London in the morning.

Meanwhile, Adam flew into a different airport and then took the Chunnel to Paris and spent the night there. A cold front had moved in and greeted us Sunday morning. It was snowing and was such a beautiful sight. In Paris, Adam didn't want to miss us, so he got up extra early to go to the pre-determined spot, Basilica Sacre Coeur (The Church of the Sacred Heart).

My dad and I got to Paris around noon and immediately headed over to the Basilica Sacre Coeur. At this point, I was just following along. All I knew was that you could see all of Paris when you got to the top of the stairs. We got to the church and the snow had turned into sleeting rain and freezing winds. At this point, Adam had been waiting in the cold for two straight hours! As we approach the top of the stairs, I spotted a familiar face. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Then, Adam came towards me and tackled me with a huge bear hug.

At this point, I thought he was just surprising me by coming on vacation with us. Then, my dad started to back away and I realized what is happening. All I could ask is, "What are you doing here?" Adam responded, "You know what I am doing here." His lips were literally blue from being so cold. He then got down on one knee and said, "I am crazy enough to date you long distance for four years, I am crazy enough to follow you to Paris and propose." Of course I said, "Yes!" I went over to my dad who was filming and asked, "Did you know about this?" He said, "Oh yeah, I knew all about it." It made it so special to know that my dad was in on the whole thing. Adam stayed with us the rest of the trip and we had our first Thanksgiving together in London at a BBQ restaurant.

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