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Cynthia S.

It was the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and my boyfriend had made reservations for a tennis court. Aside from the fact that he had done this without my reminding him to, it was just our regular Sunday routine. It happened to be a foggy and chilly day, so I sat on the couch and whined about how I wasn't in the mood to play tennis. However, my boyfriend insisted, saying that he really wanted to get outside and run around as well as practice some tennis drills on me before he used them on his new students.

After I agreed to play and we left for the courts, the clouds magically began to part and the sun shined through, making the temperature warm up. It was now a perfect day for tennis! When we arrived at the courts, we found out that we were assigned to court # 13. I thought it was odd that we were all the way in the back while all the other courts were unoccupied, but we headed back to court # 13 anyway.

As we started to play, the weather kept getting better, and I was literally playing the best tennis I have ever played in my life. I was doing so well that my fiancé didn't want to stop and do practice drills, but with about 15 minutes left, he asked to start the drills.

After doing a set, I went to get water. When I came back, he had set up the basket of balls on my side of the court, telling me that he wanted to practice serves. "Serves? " I thought to myself, "Isn't there only one way to teach someone how to serve? " But I went with it anyway. He began handing me balls, one after the other, for me to serve. He then handed me a ball with a rubber band tied around it. I looked at it and said, "This ball is weird! It has a rubber band on it! " I tossed it back into the basket. He chuckled, grabbed the ball from the basket and removed the rubber band. He handed me the ball again. I bounced the ball like I do before every serve, but it didn't bounce back up.

I looked down to see the ball lying on the ground at my feet. I noticed that it had burst at the seams, and I bent down to pick it up and show my boyfriend. As I began to pull back the flap on the broken ball, I noticed something sparkle inside. At that point, my body completely froze. My heart skipped about three beats, and this overwhelming sense of happiness and confusion overcame me. My fiancé then took the ball from my hands and removed what was inside the ball. It was a ring, but it was tied with a red ribbon around this tiny stuffed toy that he given me as a joke gift several years ago. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

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