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Courtenay W.

I started a new job late last year. I found out that during the first two weeks of December that I would have to be in New Jersey for training. Two weeks away from Chad and my dog would be hard. This was also the ideal time to put up Christmas decorations, so needless to say, I was quite bummed. I left and begged Chad that if he got the urge to decorate anything, please let it be something small, no tree, no lights, maybe a wreath.

So, that Friday, December 12, 2008, I was driving home to Northern Virginia from North Jersey. Chad told me that he would be in meetings for the morning and he had a conference call at 1:00 pm, so he would be unreachable. He works about 20 minutes from home, so he said he would try to get out after his call and meet me at home to start our weekend. I gave him the heads up when I was about thirty minutes away. He text back with, I will try to be home soon.

I pulled up to an "empty house" and some packages on the front step. I thought nothing as I walked through the foyer door to some lights and garland strung along the walls and banisters. I looked up to find special ornaments with pieces of a phrase on them. Now, I was thinking to myself, "Okay, Chad must have realized how hard two weeks away in a grueling environment was and wanted me to smile when I got home so he threw up some lights."

Well, I started to walk up the stairs and read the phrase as follow: "I know that we said we were going to wait, but I just couldn't help it and showed no restraint. So lend me your hand to decorate our tree, and maybe the other to spend your life with me!" Before I even read the last line, I was at the top of the stairs and saw a tree and candles lit. I immediately thought to myself, Chad wouldn't light candles and leave for work! Would he? So I yelled out, "Hello, Chad?" From the dark corner, I heard the song, "You Have Stolen My Heart," playing and Chad emerged in a suit and started talking about how we met and how much we've endured to get to where we are. He then got down on one knee and popped the question. On the verge of tears, I grabbed him and kissed him! He had champagne in the kitchen and reservations at a French restaurant down the street. It was perfect!

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