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Coleman W.

Since the early summer of 2008, I had known that I wanted to propose to Jessica. I had gone shopping for engagement rings several times but had never quite found exactly what I wanted. This past October, my mom came to visit in New York for a few days. Since I needed a female opinion, I asked my mom to go with me to see a few selections I had made. I ended up finding the perfect ring that same day and bought it for Jessica. However, I didn't take it home because it needed to be resized. I intended to pick it up the next weekend and propose to her then. Jessica surprised me on Friday and came to New York when I was scheduled to go to Boston. My semester at law school had gotten a bit stressful, so she suggested we go to dinner the following night and enjoy some quality time together. Well, that Saturday night, she suggested we go to Stone Rose, which overlooks Central Park in Columbus Circle, for a drink. Much to my surprise, while we looked out at the sunset that evening, Jessica proposed to me and gave me an engagement ring! I was shocked not because she had asked me but because of the timing of it all. She had no idea that I had found and bought her an engagement ring just days before. Needless to say, I called my jeweler and rushed the order for her ring. The next day, I took Jessica to Central Park. We took an extended carriage ride through the park, and I formally proposed to her and gave her the engagement ring. Through this experience, I have learned that there will be no surprising my future wife. I must accept that if I'm having a surprise idea for her, the odds are that she will have the same idea too!

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