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Clarissa S.

We moved to San Diego about two and a half years ago, and I still hadn't made it to Disneyland. We decided to play hooky from work on our five-year anniversary and spend the day being kids! Little did I know what my now-fiancé Joe had in mind! With less than three weeks until our trip to Disneyland, he decided to mark our anniversary with a proposal. He was referred to a jeweler whose office was upstairs from my office. Our building has floor-to-ceiling windows, and my desk is literally up against the windows, looking out over the driveway and entrance to the building. So, he called my office and asked for a colleague, giving a fictitious name. When she answered, he said, "Hey, don't react. This is Joe, Clarissa's boyfriend. I need your help..." They worked it out so that he'd get close to our office, text my colleague and then she'd get someone in the office to "need my help" and thus get me away from my desk. That way, he could race past the window and get into the building without my knowledge. When he was done at the jeweler's, they'd do the whole thing all over again! They did this three times over a period of three weeks, and I was none the wiser.

The afternoon before our day at Disneyland, we met up at our mechanic so I could drop my car off for work. I jumped in his car, and we were on our way! He surprised me by making reservations at The Disneyland Hotel; he said he wanted to make our first visit really special. We explored Downtown Disney and had a fantastic dinner, New Orleans-style. The next morning, we got up early and hit all the rides that were top on our list: Indiana Jones, The Nightmare Before Christmas, etc. We totally acted like kids on the rides and absolutely enjoyed ourselves. After going on the It's a Small World ride, we walked to Toontown and found Mickey's House. We walked through Mickey's House, and I was just tickled pink. As we stood in the screening room, Joe made a comment about how much he loved me and how far we had come. I didn't think much of it because I didn't want to ruin anything that might be coming. We were ushered into a room where people could have their pictures taken with Mickey. We were the second small group to have our pictures taken, so we had a couple of minutes to take off our backpacks and pass our camera off to one of the Disney cast members.

When our turn came, we stepped up to see Mickey Mouse, who was dressed up as Steamboat Willie. We exchanged hugs with Mickey and then turned to the Disney photographer. He snapped a couple of pictures, and then I turned toward Joe, who was down on his knee with the ring box open! The photographer got a great picture of both me and Mickey Mouse with our hands over our mouths in surprise! With the other guests gasping in shock and cameras flickering left and right, I knelt down to Joe, put my arms around him and just cried! When I finally composed myself, he leaned back and quipped, "I guess that means yes!" The photographer never stopped taking pictures, despite the fact that I was still crying as Joe slipped the ring on my finger. As we were walking out of Mickey's House, I turned to him and said, "Wait a second, you never actually asked me anything!" He said, "Oh, oops! Okay. Will you marry me?" And of course, I said yes!

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