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Clare B.

My boyfriend James and I had been together for five years and engagement fever was really in the air. Every time we went away for the weekend, to dinner or had an anniversary, everyone would get excited because they thought he would propose. I knew that this wouldn't happen because James would want to be as unpredictable as possible. In June last year, we had planned a trip to Miami, but when we got to the airport, James surprised me and told me we were going to Barbados! Because I am originally from Australia, this was my first time to the Caribbean, and I was definitely excited because I absolutely love the ocean.

We got to Barbados, and James had arranged for us to stay at a beautiful resort right on the aqua-colored water. We snorkeled, sipped on tropical cocktails, sunbathed and swam. I was seriously in heaven! The next night, we went to the most amazing restaurant, and I started to feel a little bit of excitement because James was being unusually quiet and nervous at dinner. Could he really be planning to propose? Everything was pointing that way, and most of all, no one even knew where we were so it was more unpredictable than ever. Back at our resort, there was actually a gorgeous Barbadian wedding being celebrated with everyone dressed in bright colors, dancing to a steel drum. I was keen on taking a closer peek, but James pulled me down to the beach with such a serious look on his face that I knew this was it!

He took me to the far end of the beach, where he had arranged a circle of flowers earlier in the day. He parked me in the middle of the circle and got down on one knee. Before proposing, he read aloud to me a letter he had hand written and snail-mailed to my parents in Australia, asking their permission. It was so serious and adorable. I am very close to my parents so he knew this was really important to me. Then he read aloud their response, which was equally as lovely. I was in tears. Then he asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes! I absolutely can't wait to marry the always-unpredictable and romantic James in November!

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