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Christy K.

David planned his proposal so that I would have no idea, but he knew exactly what I would like! He made reservations at the California Grill at Disney's Contemporary Resort while we were on vacation at Disney World with his parents. This is where all of David's planning started to come in. As the restaurant prepared our table, David started to lead me towards the back balcony. I turned to ask his mom and dad if they are coming, but his mom said, "No, I don't really care for heights, we'll watch from in here."

We walked to the far end of the balcony and found a spot. I stood at the railing, David behind me. Normally he'll wrap two arms around me, hugging me from behind, but that night I just got one. I noticed he had his hand in pocket, but was still clueless. David kept explaining what was happening during "Wishes," the Magic Kingdom's fireworks show. It was a new show for me, and we couldn't hear the soundtrack. I was admiring the beautiful display, when David whispered in my ear, "Will you marry me?" I turned, thinking he's kidding, to see him holding a ring box. I was so stunned, I didn't even answer him! All I could do was nod. When I could finally start talking again, he told me I had to call my mom and dad, they had known and he had asked their permission, so he knew they would want to hear from me.

After I talked to them, I had to call our friend Jill, as she had known everything too. While I was talking to Jill, the buzzer for the table started going off. It was in my purse. I had noticed that someone kept coming to the door and looking out, thinking that maybe the managers always checked on what was happening on the balconies during the fireworks. No - the assistant manager was checking to see what I said! His mom was starting to get inpatient, and the manager figured the buzzer was the most unobtrusive way of getting us in! There were congratulations from all around, then we headed towards our table, where there was another surprise waiting for me! I was given Cinderella's slipper, already engraved with our names and the date.

David had truly thought of everything, from the little details that would help make it special, to the fact that I would prefer the actual proposal to be a private moment between us. But there was still one surprise yet to come. Our waitress asked if we would like dessert, and David said no for all of us, which was quite strange. He had ordered a special Mickey cake instead! The Mickey cake was huge! We only ate one of his ears that night; we took it back to the condo and had it for breakfast the rest of the week. I was so surprised that night. David had put a lot of time and thought into this. It was an amazing evening that I wouldn't trade for anything.

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