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Christine P.

Last February, my fiancé Jamie and I were taking a trip to Cancun, Mexico. The flight went smoothly except for the fact that security checked my unwieldy duffle bag on wheels at every checkpoint. They never checked Jaime's because he always travels lightly and carried a small satchel. When we got to the beautiful hotel, we relaxed a bit in our rooms and then headed to the beachside cafe and the pool. We had planned to go out to dinner but decided to just head back to the cafe. There were a few other diners, and our waiter was pleasant. I remember what Jaime wore: a collared striped shirt, blue shorts and his beloved black Crocs.

It was a balmy night, and it felt so good to be there in Mexico. We talked about what our schedule would be for the next day. When we finished dinner, we walked over to the beachfront where there were curtain-covered cabanas with swinging beds. We decided to lay down on one of them and swing in the night breeze. Then, Jaime said to me, "Reach into my pocket, Chrissy. " I took in a short breath because I thought I knew what he was doing. So, I reached into my own pocket. He said, "Not your pocket, my pocket. "

Inside, there was a black velvety box with a sparking engagement ring. Behind the ring was a fortune from a fortune cookie that read, "An unexpected relationship will become permanent. " He had eaten this cookie in January at P.F. Chang's, where we had gone to dinner with my family. He had shown my mom that fortune, and we had all laughed. When he finally asked me to marry him, I said yes.

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