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Christina R.

It was February 29, 2008. My fiancé, Christopher, is a graphic designer and is sometimes required to go on photo and video shoots for advertisements. Christopher had asked me to accompany him to a photo shoot of the penguins at the local aquarium. I love Penguins! He didn't give much detail, nor did I need any, I was thrilled to go. He mentioned we may have the opportunity to "go behind the scenes" with them in their habitat as well. This made me even more excited!

I woke up that morning and the first thing I heard on the radio was an advertisement for Filene's Basement wedding dress sale extravaganza. My heart skipped a beat that this was it - our engagement. I didn't want to get my hopes up, so I disregarded the feeling.

On our drive, Chris shared with me an article from the newspaper that read about leap year; it's one more day to love and be with those you love. When we got to the aquarium, we met the curator who worked with the penguins. Chris had given the curator his dad's camcorder to capture the "behind the scenes" event. Little did I know that they were both up to something!

Sure enough, the curator invited us into the penguin habitat where Chris started snapping pictures and the curator started rolling. It wasn't until after twenty minutes of amusing myself with those adorable animals that Chris dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I was in total, complete and utter shock. My mouth dropped and my heart stopped. There was no one else on the planet at that moment except for me and Chris. The whole day was a blur.

We visited our families for the remainder of the day. Chris was a genius and had reenacted the whole day two weeks prior to make sure everything went smoothly. He really surprised me and I will never forget that day for as long as I live.

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