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Christa D.

Aaron and I had been dating for a year and a half and we had talked about getting engaged. He stipulated that an engagement would not happen until after Christmas 2008 because he wanted to finish up school and graduate.

We had spent the summer apart because he had an internship in another state. He came home for a week and we went on a date on Friday night. It was nice, but I was not expecting something extravagant. We went to a really nice restaurant and afterwards we pulled out our film cameras and walked around downtown Austin, TX and took pictures until the sun went down. I had taken a photography class as a senior in high school and ever since then taking pictures had been in my blood. Aaron is amazing and loves doing things that I have a passion for. He also brought his dad's film camera on the date and took pictures with me. When the sun went down Aaron said he had one more surprise to show me.

We got back into the car and road to the middle of the University of Texas campus. We walked into a co-op where a man met us that Aaron had set up an appointment with. He walked us into a small room and began to explain to me that he ran a dark room and that he was going to help us develop our film and then we could develop our pictures. I was so excited because I had not been able to work in a dark room since high school. I loved it and immediately got into "task mode," wanting to develop as many pictures as possible in two hours. So once our film was ready Aaron and I decided which pictures we wanted to develop. It takes about fifteen minutes to develop one picture, so I was running around exposing the pictures to paper, putting them in the solutions to develop and then rinsing them off so they could dry in the other room. I had just gone out to put a picture in the dryer and came back into the dark room and asked which picture was ready to go into the development solutions. Aaron pointed to a picture that he had just exposed.

Once I placed it in the solution the picture began to appear on the page. Instead of it being a picture of Aaron and I that we had taken earlier that day it was a picture of a rose, a ring and the question "Christa Marie will you marry me?" I froze and felt Aaron coming up behind me and turn me around. He got down on one knee and asked "Christa Marie will you be my wife?" I started laughing and just kept saying, "Yes, yes, yes!"

We didn't develop any more pictures that night obviously. We are excited to be getting married on July 18 and only think the day can't come fast enough!

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