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Chanel R.

My boyfriend and I were off for a weekend in San Francisco, CA on a trip that I thought was going to be for business with a small detour of a birthday breakfast for a college friend of mine. After landing in San Francisco and checking into our hotel, we headed off to Japantown where my boyfriend and I were excited to explore the stores for mysterious candy, and possibly a robot.

As soon as we pulled into Japantown I saw a group of girls on the corner getting into a cab. I thought one of them looked like my friend we were going to meet up with later in the weekend, and as I kept hitting my boyfriend's arm trying to get his attention, he was trying his hardest to ignore me. Flustered, I rolled down the window and yelled my friend's name. She turned around, and so did three more of my closest friends; one who was living in Houston and was supposed to be in Mexico with her family, one who lived in Chicago, and one who lived two blocks away from my boyfriend in Santa Monica.

Little did I know we weren't supposed to see them there. Quickly, one of my girlfriends filled in the blanks with some made-up story about how my boyfriend planned a surprise girls' weekend for us. That night evolved into a night to remember filled with sushi and sake and lots of hidden winks and nudges between my boyfriend and the girls.

The next day we played tourists in San Francisco and said goodbye to my friends. The rest of the evening was supposed to be a client dinner for my boyfriend. We decided to go to Coit Tower to take some photos before dinner. We got there and reached the top to look out at the harbor and the Golden Gate Bridge. Using binoculars, we looked out every window and took pictures. Once we reached the window that faced Pier 29 my boyfriend told me that I needed to look down at what these people were doing.

I quickly looked using the binoculars and couldn't see what I was supposed to see, so I handed him back the binoculars. He told me to look again, and when I did a saw a huge red banner that read, "Chanel, KC has a question!" I looked back at him and saw him down on one knee with tears in his eyes. He told me that I was his best friend and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I hurriedly asked him to stand up, wanting to hug him, and told him "Yes!"

He let everyone know my answer as we walked down the tower toward a trolley car that had pulled up with my family, his family, and ALL of our closest friends on it. We were able to have a champagne toast and get a tour of the city. Then we spent the rest of the night eating amazing Italian food, drinking wine KC had saved for eight years (just for this moment!) and celebrating with everyone - it was an impromptu engagement party! Now, and for the rest of my life, I am blessed with an amazing man. I can't wait for the rest of our adventures!

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