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Cathryn K.

Michael and I had been friends since going to college together. We graduated in 2003, and I came to Texas to start graduate school at Texas A&M University. He stayed in Virginia to work on his Master's degree at Radford University. We kept in touch and over time, talking once a month grew into talking every day.

We started our relationship in September of 2006. Having a long distance relationship was hard, but we managed to see each other about every other month, each taking turns to fly to Texas or Virginia. On February 8th, Michael was flying into town to spend the week with me for Valentine's Day. There is a tree on TAMU's campus called the Century Tree where it's tradition for couples to get engaged under. Legend has it if you walk under the tree a certain direction with your sweetheart, that's who you're going to marry.

Mike told me that his mom worked with an alum from TAMU who got engaged under the Century Tree, and would like for him to take some pictures of it for her while he was here. I picked him up from the airport, and told him we could stop by on the way back to my house. As we were walking to the tree from my parking lot, it was a hot day, and he had his coat on. I asked him if he was hot, and he wouldn't answer me. Unknown to me, he had the ring hidden in his coat. We got to the tree, took some pictures, and when we were done, he said there was just one more thing he had to do. He got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I was so shocked and surprised, that I asked him if he was serious. Needless to say, he was.

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