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Catherine T.

We were on Christmas holiday in Italy when I broke my arm on a mountain called Madonna Di Campiglio. It was such a beautiful place that I was extremely frustrated to have to leave with my broken arm. Dana, my fiancé, was planning to pop the question up on the hill on New Year's Eve, but I obviously ruined that plan! So, we headed to Venice a day early and bought a bottle of Prosecco to drink before our sumptuous meal. We enjoyed the night at this cool little rocky bar and then headed to San Marcos Square to bring in the New Year! It was crazy and there were thousands of people there. Just before New Year's, at about 11.45pm, it stared snowing! It wasn't just sleet; there was heavy snow, but it was amazing and freezing!

After the big countdown and fireworks, Dana was adamant that we go get coffee, so we rushed through the crowd. Just as we had gotten out of San Marcos square, we started heading up to one of the first canals, where Dana took off my glove. I asked him what he was doing because my hand was freezing. We walked up the top of the bridge, and he told me to look at this church. So, I turned around and said, "Yes, it's stunning." When I turned back, he was down on one knee! I was very surprised! Well, excited may be the more appropriate word because I had figured out what was going on when he had taken off my glove. Before I had a chance to reply, an old couple walking by got very excited, even more excited than me! It was very cute! I obviously said yes.

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