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Carrie H.

Last December my boyfriend Mark planned a trip to Hawaii for us as a birthday present for me. To make the time more memorable, we arranged a dolphin interaction at the Sea Life Park for the middle of the week. I emailed my friend, Stacy, ahead of time because she is a dolphin trainer there. Fitting, Stacy was our trainers for the dolphin interaction.

At the end of the interaction Stacy called Mark and I up in front of everybody and asked us to help her with a new behavior with the dolphin. I thought nothing strange of this because I am an animal trainer as well. Stacy sent the dolphin to the other end of the pool and it brought back a container which I took and didn't know what to do with. Stacy took the container and tilted it for me to open, and I was thinking "Great, now I have to get my hands all fishy!"

I stared into it expecting some fish to give the dolphin, but Mark reached in and pulled out a ring and proposed to me in front of everyone! Stacy said she was surprised I didn't notice that all the trainers and interns and 2 of her bosses were at the end of the pool to watch. I had no clue! Mark had contacted Stacy (without even knowing her!) beforehand and planned the whole thing out! Luckily the staff had taken video and another participant's mother took photos to record the event!

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