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Carolyn S.

It all started with a watering can. My boyfriend Mark and I had met at a Barnes & Noble in the fall of 2005 at a blind date set up by our good friends. We spent our entire first date hopping from store to store, looking for the perfect watering can for my beloved father's gravesite. After our date, I jokingly said to my roommates, "He's the one. " And then came the fateful day of June 2nd, 2007, when Mark popped the question.

Mark is a high school teacher and decided to propose right before his high school's prom, which was held at Disneyland. The day was already off to a bad start because I had come down with food poisoning the night before from eating bad sushi. However, Mark insisted that we not miss this event for anything, including a salmon-induced food poisoning. He even went shopping for the last missing elements of my outfit: a red cardigan and matching earrings. While he was shopping, I lay there helpless in bed, making frequent trips to the bathroom and taking periodic shots of Pepto-Bismol. After an hour of sluggish preparation, I was finally dragged from the house to Disneyland.

The whole surprise was almost ruined when Mark checked into the Grand Californian Hotel, where he had planned to have the bedroom romantically decorated after he proposed and we had gotten back from the prom. However, when we entered the suite, we were shocked to see the room already adorned with balloons and rose petals. Even more shocking was a greeting card on the bed that read, "Just Married, " and the maid entering the room with chocolate-covered strawberries. While I stood scratching my head, confused as to why we were mistakenly given the honeymoon suite, Mark was quietly fuming because the room had been decorated five hours early. Mark deftly came up with a story that the front desk had made a booking mistake and simply upgraded our room to the honeymoon suite to rectify the situation.

I believed the story, and we went off to have dinner at an exclusive restaurant in Disneyland Park. Mark hid the ring and case in the right pocket of his jacket, so he kept trying to keep me on his left side. However, my "good side " is my right side, so Mark awkwardly stood in pictures, hoping I wouldn't feel the ring. Once we were seated, Mark reluctantly took off his jacket because he didn't want to part with the ring. When I went to the bathroom, he asked the waiter to hold onto the ring and present it after dinner.

After we had finished our light dinner, the nice waiter brought a dessert tray with the Tiffany diamond ring hidden in an orchid. As I caught the glimmer of the ring, Mark swept down on one knee and recited a prepared speech. I was so shocked by the proposal that I couldn't hear a word he said. I responded yes of course! Mark got up, and we kissed to the applause of our fellow diners. We exited the famous blue door of the Club 33 Restaurant as a newly engaged couple. Later that night, we were greeted with a rousing ovation from my fiancé's students when we arrived at the prom. We have gone through many ups and downs and have written many chapters in the book of our lives. We are looking forward to ending our chapter of single life and starting a new chapter: our life together as husband and wife.

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