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Cara F.

It was the eve of my 23rd birthday. We had decided to spend the weekend in the northern wilderness of Michigan, where I had spent my childhood. We were doing what we both loved, hunting, together as a couple. Of course, we ventured out early into the woods to enjoy the peace of the wild nature. However, I had never envisioned that our hunting adventure would end with an engagement. Earlier that afternoon, we had set a new tree stand with my father and his best friend. On our way to a neighboring property while hunting, we noticed the owner out working on the land. It was clear we would have to find another location. I immediately mentioned that we should hunt together in the new stand we had put up earlier that day. Completely clueless about Scott's plans to propose, I quickly got to our stand and got ready for the evening's hunt. The stand was located in the oldest tree on the property where I had grown up. One of us would sit in the tree stand while the other would be positioned on an extremely large limb, the size of most trees, in order to get full hunting coverage. I took the stand and Scott found himself in the limb seat.

Soon after getting settled, we started whispering to one another, discussing our futures, work, children and marriage. To my complete surprise, he came closer to me down the limb and held me. Before I knew it, our discussion continued right into him pulling out the box and asking if I would marry him. I was completely shocked. Never had I imagined that he would propose in such an amazing way in a tree stand, 21 feet off the ground and on the property where I had made memories for most of my life. My eyes filled with tears, and I started to chuckle as I said, "Yes, of course." As a result of the proposal, the tree now holds the name of "The Rock." That day, on the eve of my 23rd birthday, he gave me the best memory I will have in those woods. After placing the ring on my finger, Scott looked at me and pointed downward at his knee. To my surprise, he had proposed on one knee while literally out on a limb. I will forever remember this as the best proposal ever, not only because I hadn't expected it, but also because it reminded me of all the dreams I had as a little girl growing up.

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