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Caitlin D.

My fiancé and I are both captains in the Army. I had been gone eight months when I got my mid-tour leave. I was going to be home over Christmas and couldn't wait to see my boyfriend Shane and my family. A few weeks before I left to come home, Shane sent me a box with some small Christmas gifts and a stack of red cards in red envelopes inside. Each envelope had a date written on it from December 1 to December 19. I was supposed to be home on December 20. Each day, starting on the December 1, I got to open that day's card. Inside, Shane had written something for me to look forward to while I was on leave. The notes ranged from "meeting Mackenna, " my niece who was born while I was gone, to "eating Java Chip ice cream, " my favorite dessert.

On my trip home for leave, I got delayed for a few days in Kuwait and didn't end up landing in Raleigh, NC until December 23. When I got off the plane, I heard someone say my name. I turned and saw Shane. He had managed to talk his way to the gate instead of having to wait at the baggage claim area. As soon as we hugged, I started crying. After a couple of minutes, he said he had one more red card for me. He handed me a card and on the front it said, "December 23, one more thing to look forward to. " When I opened it up, the card inside said, "100 more Christmases. "I looked up and saw Shane on one knee, asking me to marry him. I started crying even harder and shook my head yes. After a few more minutes of crying, I finally said yes aloud and put the ring on. My sister's boyfriend had also been allowed to come to the gate and got the whole thing on video. We walked out to the baggage claim area, where my whole family was waiting. It was a great reunion and an incredible proposal!

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