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Burgess L.

November 15th was a sunny day, but not too hot. I had plans to have brunch with the girls, pack for our trip tomorrow, buy presents, more packing, and play a little poker. A couple days ago, Burgess mentioned he wanted to check out the De Young Museum. He said that he had free tickets, making this excursion a tad more enticing. It definitely peaked my interest when he refused yogurt of all things so we could get to the museum at a decent hour.

We made our way out, did a quick but thorough 360 around the galleries, and finally arrived at the gift shop. I have to say, the gift shop was awesome! As awesome as it was, it got a little less awesome after waiting half an hour for B, who was in the restroom. Finally, at around 4:30, he told me we can leave after checking out to the observatory deck. There was apparently an exhibit that his coworker recommended, something that was an absolute must-see.

As we got to the top, the security guard greeted us right away and directed us towards the exhibit. It was a gorgeous day with the sun hanging low, just as it was about to set behind Golden Gate Park. At the end of the observatory, there was a roped off section with a display case seated on a single cement pedestal with red roses all over. Inside the display was a beautiful ring with a description about the history of American engagement and whatnot. As I did with all the rest of the descriptions we read that day, I skimmed the first paragraph and took off. That's when B said, "No, why don't you finish reading?" So, I scanned it again and my jaw just dropped when I read the last sentence, "This particular ring will be used to ask you, Judy Wong, to make Burgess Lee the luckiest man in the world and spend the rest of your life with him."

It didn't really register until I looked at B and he just had this look in his eyes as he took the ring out of the display case and got down on one knee to propose. As it turns out, the security guards were all in on it. B didn't really have free tickets, but he knew that was the only way to get me to go. Also, when he was stalling at the gift shop, it was because his friends ran into problems with the museum security and B had to go out and clear things up. It was truly the biggest surprise of my life.

I was completely caught off guard that day. I think my response and reaction would've been a little more poised and camera-ready had I suspected anything, and I probably would've been less reluctant, had I known I was getting dragged to a beautiful and thoughtful engagement. Oh well, that is the story we will have to tell our kids, and I couldn't have asked for anything different!

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