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Brooke R.

My fiancé and I met as freshmen in college. After graduation, we were faced with acceptances to graduate schools in different states. We decided that the two years apart would be best for our future in the long run, so I headed off to Texas, while he went to Alabama. The time apart had been very difficult, though, and I was faced with seeing Kyle only once during spring break.

One Saturday, I was running late to meet some girlfriends for dinner. Someone's birthday was coming up, and we were headed downtown to a snazzy restaurant to celebrate. When I arrived at my friend's apartment, I found that someone had already parked in her guest spot, which made me even later to meet them. I parked in the street, ran to her front door and knocked, as I searched in my purse for some lip gloss. When the door opened, I saw my now-fiancé standing amid roses and candles. He had flown in from out-of-state (and parked in the guest spot!) and had planned the whole proposal with the help of my girlfriends! He had also flown back home to ask for my mom and sister's approval and show them my ring.

I had been so surprised that I honestly can't remember what he said during the proposal. My girlfriends, who had been hiding in the bedroom while this was going on, tell me that I shouted, "What are you doing here? " before realizing I hadn't said yes yet. Of course, I finally managed to say yes, and then I cried. We all toasted our new engagement and took pictures as I cried some more. Then, my fiancé took me and my girlfriends to dinner at the snazzy restaurant, where they were expecting an engagement celebration, not a birthday celebration! The best part of the surprise was that I got to spend an entire weekend with my fiancé, which was a rare treat! It truly was the most wonderful surprise.

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