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Bic C.

The way that Henry proposed to me was perfect! It was creative, thoughtful, and most importantly, a shocking surprise! One Saturday morning, Henry told me that he reserved an adventure tour for us. And being me, I was ecstatic despite the forecast of rain.

We got our first clue at the hotel's front desk, along with a welcome letter and a compass. Before I knew it, we were flipping over rocks to find our second clue, hiking a steep and rocky 1.5 mile trail in the rain, to Mt. Willard to find our third clue, hopping over rocks under Ripley's waterfall to find our fourth clue in a cave, and getting lost for two hours to find our last clue. Thank goodness we were supplied with food and drinks to fuel our expedition! We finally got to our last clue six hours later!

By this point, we have picked up a pair of goggles, a rope, a hook, and a heavy metal object. With much difficulty and humiliation from the onlookers, we were able to find a metal ammo box in a natural swimming hole. As Henry opened the box, river rocks started to fall out and at the bottom was a red box. Afraid that it was another clue, I grabbed it and opened it. In it was a picture of a dragon, a picture of a rat, a Marc Jacobs "stinking rat" ring, and another clue. It read, "Your real ring is down the river on a blanket with drinks to celebrate!"

This is when Henry leaned into my ear and whispered, "I didn't know that there were going to be so many people here, but this is where I wanted to ask you to be my wife!" I was so surprised and embarrassed! And of course, I said, "Yes!"

We started to make our way to our blanket, when I noticed at the corner of my eyes, a guy taking pictures of us! Strange, I thought! It turned out that Henry had flown this guy in to set up this scavenger hunt. Although this guy was following us the whole time capturing our rewards and frustrations on film and video, we never saw him! For me, this proposal demonstrates how life can be tumultuous, but that if we worked together, we can do anything!

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