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Becky L.

Brian and I met while taking ballroom dance classes two years ago. We started as friends and then our relationship progressed from there. In December, we went on a trip to Disney World and had the best time of our lives! On the third day, we went to Magic Kingdom. As we approached Cinderella's Castle, we noticed that it was closed and wouldn't reopen until later in the day. So, he led me to a path that goes behind the castle. Lining the path were park benches that you could sit on, which were very picturesque. We took a moment to sit down on one of the benches with the castle right behind us. As he pretended to look at the map and stretch his back, he turned and looked at me to say, "I think this is the perfect spot. "

As I wondered what he was talking about, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. People smiled as they walked by. It was the most romantic and magical thing I've ever experienced. As I cried tears of joy, I said yes. My parents had known he was going to ask me and couldn't wait for my phone call. He had my engagement ring flown in to the resort we were staying at. I guess dreams really do come true at Disney!

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