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Stephanie B.

Having done nothing by the book in our relationship thus far, it came as no shock that our marriage proposal was unique. My fiancé popped the question during our first year of college: it was about eight months into our relationship and around 2 am in the morning when I was walking him to his car. He was being playful and then turned serious all of the sudden. It was a cold January night, so I was wearing an old sweatshirt and sweatpants and my hair was in my face. He wiped my hair from in front of my eyes and put his forehead against mine. He looked right into my eyes and asked me if I was going to be with him forever, and I of course said yes. Then he asked, "Will you marry me? " I was astounded and said yes. He asked me if I wanted to go out and get a ring, but I said no. We had already done a lot of stuff differently, and I wanted the moment that he gave me the ring to be a complete and total surprise.

He made me wait and wait, occasionally asking if I had found anything that I liked at the jewelry stores, but I told him that nothing had caught my eye. Then the day came when I saw it, the perfect diamond ring. It was not very large, but it was completely perfect in every way; it was white gold, square cut and antique-looking. I just had to have it. Right away, things started getting sneaky around the house, and it seemed like everyone was up to something. I'm not going to lie; I knew what was going on. A few months before, I had bought a sundress and told Dustin that I wanted to wear it when he proposed to me. The day came when he asked me to go to the drive-in movie with him, and he told me to wear that dress. So, I knew it was coming. He picked me up in a nice button-down shirt, and when I got out to the car, there was a cooler full of Sprite (my favorite drink) and homemade quesadillas (which is sort of "our " thing). He was taking me to the drive-in theatre because it had always been our favorite thing to do.

The movie was a double feature, but I can't remember the first movie at all. During the second feature, he pulled me into his arms, kissed me very sweetly and asked me the same thing he had asked me eight months prior. He told me that the only thing left to say was "yes, " but I told him that I had already said it. He said that I hadn't said yes to this, and when I looked, he had the ring box open with the ring I had picked out. I had never thought that I would cry because I had known what was coming. However, as he slid the ring on my finger, a tear slid down my cheek. Want to know which movie he proposed during? The Simpsons.

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