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Australia C.

My guy and I had been together for about six and a half years. At this point we knew that we would eventually one day get married when we were both done with school and able to save up some money. Brian had been complaining for about a month about how he was broke and needed to start saving money. In an effort to seek free entertainment, he suggested we return to our local park and go feed the ducks. We cherished doing this every other day while we were in college.

When Brian arrived I was running late as usual. I had been studying and hadn't gotten dressed yet, nor had I put on any makeup. He went into the living room while I slowly got myself together. So there I was: standing next to my bed, hair a mess, pants unzipped, happily chomping on a strawberry Fruit Roll Up as I searched for my flip flops. Brian entered the room agitated and nervous about getting on out before the sun started to set.

Finally, he started asking me if I was still as in love with him as when we first got together back in high school. Of course I told him "Yes," but I was worried as to why he was so distraught. Then he apologized and said that he hoped that I don't get too upset. I asked him, "Why would I be upset." He was silent.

A few seconds later, I turned around and he was pulling a little silver shiny thing out of his pocket. "Are you serious?" I repeated it over and over. After thinking about it, Brian dropped to one knee and tried to say through the tears, "Will you make me an even luckier man than I am now? Marry me." I fell into his arms still screaming, "Are you serious?" A minute or two later Brian finally asked if that was a yes or a no. Of course it was a, "Yes!"

Later he told me that he had planned for a romantic picnic and some duck feeding at sunset before he was going to pop the question. Unfortunately, he became a nervous wreck when it was go time and the ring was burning a hole in his pocket. He feared that the ring would fall out into one of the bridges or fall and be eaten by a wayward goose. God love him, he's always been super cautious. I think that's one of the things I love about him most!

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