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Audrey Q.

Bryce wanted the engagement to be a complete surprise for me. He conducted a rouse, trying to make me believe that he was doing one thing, but in all truth was planning another. Two of my close girlfriends helped Bryce with this. He recruited them to help him lie to me, so that I would think that my group of girls was going to have a girl's night out in downtown Dallas.

He told one of my friends to tell me that they had free tickets to a musical in Dallas on Friday night. I like musicals, so Bryce knew that I would be excited about this. Then he bought a gift card to a nail salon and gave it to another one of my girlfriends, so that the three of us could go get our nails done before going out.

So that whole week leading up to this supposed event, I was so excited to get to spend Friday night with the girls. Meanwhile, Bryce is madly planning the proposal and instant engagement party for that Friday night. So Friday rolls around and I am still completely clueless. The girls and I got our nails done and then got ready for our big night on the town. Their friend, "Katie," was going to be picking us up to drive us to dinner and the musical. However, in all actuality, Bryce was this mysterious "Katie" friend!

The girls and I walked down the stairs of my apartment to see Bryce leaning against a black Benz CLK 500 with the top down and roses in hand. I was shocked to see Bryce there and was speechless. It slowly clicked in my head what was happening. My friends loved my surprised face and they would wholeheartedly help trick me into an unforgettable night.

The two of us stepped in the Benz and headed off. Bryce rented out a banquet room in a boutique hotel right on Lake Granbury (about 30 minutes outside of Fort Worth). This is where friends and family would hide out while Bryce and I were having dinner out on the lakeside. Also, Bryce had arranged for his parents, my parents, and my Grandma to have an exquisite dinner in the hotel dining room together before we arrived. Bryce had set up a table for the two of us. It was beautifully dressed with candles and beautiful roses facing the lake. As the sun was setting on the lake, Bryce and I were eating a wonderfully planned dinner.

After dinner, Bryce led me up towards the hotel where he had previously set up a small dance floor under a huge oak tree overlooking the lake. There were candles all around the floor and he asked me for a dance. We danced for a bit and Bryce told me so many wonderful things about how much he loved me.

Finally, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was just perfect! I said, "Yes, yes of course!" At this point, everyone is inside the banquet room and is watching the proposal happen just a couple hundred feet away. After a few moments, Bryce tells me that there is one more thing that he wanted to give me. He had bought me a bible with my new married name engraved on it. It was awesome to see that in writing. Bryce read a couple of verses to me describing love and marriage through the Lord's word. We cherished that moment and what had just happened a few moments prior.

Bryce then told me that we should go inside so that we could have dessert. I was amazed there was more to come that night. As we were walking up to the banquet room, family and friends came out onto the porch to congratulate us. At this point, I lost it and started crying even more. I did not expect all my family and friends to be there.

There were 30 people who helped them celebrate right away, which was a lot of fun. There were various appetizer dishes for guests, personalized cake for the night, and plenty of beer, wine, and champagne for everyone. Bryce had also put together a slide show of pictures which chronicled the history of our relationship. It was a perfect night!

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