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Aubrey S.

"I feel like I'm in a movie!" That thought stayed in my head all day, especially as I arrived at Green Park in London, dressed in a long blue gown, searching for the final clue of my adventure with Buckingham Palace in view. This was the final stop in my day of surprises. It had all begun that morning when I was sitting in my room in Oxford, England, where I had been studying abroad for a semester. I heard an unknown cell-phone ringing, and jumped up to find it in my pillow with a note attached. The note told me that if I went to make oatmeal, I would find my first clue. Inside the bag of oatmeal I found an ipod tuned to a playlist of messages and songs of faith which had meant a lot to my fiancé and me.

On the phone, which simply said, "Skype Calling," I heard Jeff (my fiancé) on the other end asking, "Are you ready for your adventure?" Of course I said yes, and he gave me the second clue of the day: "Go to the Oxford library to the very top floor and find the book that you once used to make a birthday movie for me," he said. I rushed to the library, found the book, and inside was a set of keys and a letter which concluded: "I can offer you these keys in order to complete the adventure, but only you get to decide how it ends."

From there I went to the bus station for my hour and a half trip into London. On the bus I listened to the ipod as the card had instructed me to. When I had almost arrived, Jeff called me again from his own cell phone, giving me directions to the travel station where my next clue would be. Behind the station, I found a canteen locked to the fence. I used my first key to open it, and inside was a bag with the next clue. I threw all the clues into the bag and went to The Iron Duke, a restaurant where he had set up a reservation for me. They brought me a book of love poems by the poet I was currently studying, which I unlocked. He instructed me not to bring any money for the day, so inside was a credit card in my name with a picture of Jeff and I on it along with a note instructing me to use it to pay for my lunch, and then continue on to the British Museum.

I followed the clues to the museum bookstore, and behind a stack of Babylon books I found my next package: a locked book with a picture of the world on it. I snuck out of the bookstore with the huge book under my arm. Sitting in the cafeteria, I unlocked the world book to find a DVD player inside set to play the first of four clips - movies in which Jeff had re-enacted stages of our relationship from our first meeting to our last encounter, interspersed with pictures and movie clips of me. From there I was instructed to find the flower stand outside of Herrod's, the major department store in London. The lady at the stand gave me a little chest, which I unlocked with my second to last key to find two tickets to the show Les Miserables, and a baggage claim token to Herrod's. I took the token to the baggage counter and they gave me a long, elegant blue dress, a white jacket and silver shoes - all of which Jeff had picked out for me. Fully dressed, I arrived in Green Park, which was my final destination, and sought out my next clue - a statue with a white rose on it. As I wandered around in the park searching for the statue, I received a final call from Jeff, asking if I had found it yet. I told him I was a little lost, at which point I turned around to see him approaching me in a tuxedo with a white rose in hand; he had come to rescue his girl.

After I recovered from my shock of seeing him in London, he told me I had one key left which I could use to decide how this adventure would end. He got on one knee and pulled out a tiny white box with a lock on it. After expressing his deep affection for me, he presented me with the last element of the adventure by asking if I would like to use my key to answer his question: "Will you marry me?" I grabbed my key and said, "Yes!" We finished off the night by going to watch Les Miserables. From beginning to end, the entire day felt like I was the star of a thrilling movie!

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