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Ashley Z.

Toward the end of the fall semester in 2008, I suggested that my boyfriend and I have a date night. Adam, being the sweet guy he is, offered to plan a date over Thanksgiving break. The day of our date came, and Adam called me to inform me that we had to move our date night back because some of his plans fell through. Royally annoyed and showing it, I gave Adam a hard time about it. Even though he promised me it was only being moved back a week, I still acted like a total grump about the situation.

Then, on December 5, 2008, Adam and I made our way from College Station to Austin, TX to have our date night. He had planned everything, and I was extremely excited! We decided to have dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse in downtown Austin. We had both wanted to go because we remembered it being so good when we were younger. I think somehow during the time that's passed since our childhoods, we either decided that the food was better than it was, or the place has just become awful because frankly dinner was horrible. But, let's be honest, it didn't really matter because the company was wonderful.

We finally left Spaghetti Warehouse and headed back up to North Austin. As we got closer, Adam informed me that I needed to tie my scarf around my eyes so that I couldn't see where we were going. Obligingly I did so, assuming Adam was being fun and spontaneous, and not really thinking anything was about to happen. Some long winding roads later, the car finally stopped and Adam came over to help me out of my side of the car. Holding on tight, he helped me walk outside in the cold while still blindfolded.

Soon after, Adam informed me that I could take off my blindfold. We were at a park we used to go to all the time during the beginning of our relationship. Adam had a bag of goodies and a blanket, so we went up and sat on the playscape. In Adams bag there were a bunch of little gifts - one for each of the five senses. The deal was that I had to close my eyes, hold my hands out in front of me and guess what each gift was.

The first few were silly inside jokes: one was a cologne he use to wear when we were first together, one was Andes mints because we had a date at the beginning of our relationship where the main course was frozen Andes mints. He ran a Coldplay CD over my hands, and then played it because our song is a Coldplay song.

The last gift finally came, so Adam told me to close my eyes again and hold my hands out in front of me. He kept running something along my hands, and I just couldn't figure out what it was! He slipped a ring on my finger and leaned in close and asked me to marry him. In total shock, I said, "Are you serious?" and then proceeded to say yes about eight times. I started crying, and we sat on the playscape hugging and kissing forever. Adam was so prepared! He pulled out a bottle of champagne and we popped it open and cuddled in a blanket until it was time to leave.

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