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Ashley W.

Considering my fiancé Peter and I have dated since high school, there have been few surprises in our relationship. However, he was determined to give me a surprise proposal. The night before Thanksgiving last year, we had a great dinner at this place we had always wanted to try. Peter then suggested we get a nightcap at a historic hotel that had just been restored. I was so excited because I love the old buildings in the city and was anxious to see the inside.

The hotel was stunningly beautiful, and we headed to the first floor bar and ordered drinks. Peter suggested that they might give us a tour, and I encouraged him to ask. He went to talk to the concierge and returned a few minutes later with the good news that they would give us a private tour! When we finished our drinks, we met with the concierge who led us up to the first stop of the tour: one of the luxury suites on the 19th floor. The concierge opened the door to the room and then excused herself to retrieve keys she had forgotten at the front desk. I entered the room and wandered around for a bit before I finally noticed a ring box with a beautiful diamond ring inside propped open on the bed and a bottle of champagne chilling on the dresser. I started to tear up and whirled around to find Peter on one knee. He asked me to marry him, and I laughed and cried as I said yes.

My hands shook as he slipped the ring on my finger. I was most certainly taken by surprise! We celebrated with a champagne toast, and the final surprise was that the suite was ours for the night! He had even packed my overnight bag. Room service breakfast in the morning capped off our engagement experience. We then headed home to celebrate for a family Thanksgiving. We sure had a lot to be thankful for!

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