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Ashley H.

In February 2008, a group of us planned a trip to Ireland for winter break. This group consisted of my mom, my boyfriend, and five of Mom's closest friends. We called the trip: "A Taste of Ireland." Our tour included: a Dublin city tour, a visit to Skellig Rocks, a Merry Ploughboy Pub dinner, a Blarney Woolen Mills Ring of Kerry tour, kissing the Blarney Stone Cliffs of Moher and an expedition to Bunratty Castle.

On the fourth day, our tour stopped at the Cliffs of Moher. It was sensational! You can stand there for hours just staring at the water drop 700 feet into the Atlantic Ocean. We walked up one side of the edge of the cliffs with everyone from our tour. Brad, my boyfriend, seemed to be in a hurry, not looking back; but this was nothing out of the ordinary. The view was beautiful! I was taking so many pictures! Kodak moments left and right!

Brad ushered me to the edge on the opposite side of the group. As we walked up that side, we just continued to stare at the ocean and the small islands out in the distance. Another couple walked up near us with the same loving gaze in their eyes. I whispered to Brad that I was ready to go down to the observatory. Mind you, the wind was blowing like crazy! It was really cold!

Meanwhile, the other girl mentioned the same thing to her boyfriend about being cold. Brad commented, "How many times are we in Ireland? Let's stand here for just a little bit longer." With that, I took more pictures, probably repeating some Kodak moments. The other couple walked down towards the beginning of the little trail. Then Brad takes my left hand and slowly takes my glove off. I asked what he was doing, and then noticed a grin on his face! That was when my voice went high; I knew something wonderful was in store. I said, "You're doing it, aren't you? You're really doing it? Oh my gosh!"

Brad knelt down and said some of the most real and romantic things that I've ever heard. Lastly, he said, "I would love it if you would be my wife?" After I screamed "yes" in a high-pitched voice, we shared a romantic moment or two and then started down for the observatory to share the news. A mother and daughter from Australia passing us pointed at another couple and said, "That man down there just proposed!" I held up my hand and said, "So did he!" This called for more Kodak moments! Two couples, one on the South end of the cliff and the other on the North, on the same tour got engaged at the same place at the same time!

We went down to the Cliffs of Moher Observatory and shared the great news! It was announced over the intercom and they took tons of pictures of us to use in their brochures. It was great! Of course, Lisa, the other bride-to-be, and I raided the gift shop. All four of us stepped on the bus to the sound of cheers and clapping! Our bus driver, John, shared his testimony that he's never witnessed an engagement in the 14 years he had been touring Ireland! Much less TWO engagements in the same day!

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