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Ashley H.

Mason and I have been dating for four years. For two of those years, we were in a long distance relationship, as we were in different graduate programs. We both were trying to quickly graduate, so we could finally live together in the same town.

During Christmas break, he planned a weekend trip for us to finally have some quality time together. He secretly packed my bags and told me the day of the trip that we were going somewhere on a surprise. We left Friday night and headed the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. He rented a beautiful three story cabin for the weekend and had the entire weekend planned out.

When we arrived, he gave me an amaryllis "love fern," since he knows how much I love flowers. We spent most of the weekend enjoying the beautiful views of the mountain from the hot tub off our back porch. On Saturday morning, Mason surprised me by telling me that we were located really close to the trail head for the Appalachian Trail. I always wanted to experience this path with him.

We hiked the first mile of the trail to the Springer Mountain Trail Overlook. This point had another beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. He set up the tripod to take pictures of us. Then he readjusted the camera to take another picture; little did I know that he was setting the camera for video mode. When the camera went off, he got down on his knee and began the proposal! I was so glad that I didn't know the camera was recording, or I would have felt totally self-conscious reacting to him. But instead, the full blown tears and joyfulness were perfectly captured on video for our children to enjoy for years to come!

On Sunday morning, we woke up and he told me to put on the dress that he packed for me because he had one other surprise. When we arrived back to my home, there were all our friends and family waiting to surprise us and celebrate the engagement! It was the most perfect weekend. Mason knows me so well and I feel so lucky to be marrying him.

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