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Ashley D.

The weekend began with a long-awaited trip to New York City at Christmas. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and New York is my favorite city, so my fiancé knew it would be the perfect time and place. He got us a room in the middle of Times Square with a phenomenal view. He also hired a private driver to escort us around town in a black Escalade the whole weekend.

When we entered our room, there was a bouquet of red roses and star gazer lilies waiting for me with a card that said, "I hope this weekend is everything that you imagined. I love you with all of my heart." Deep down I was hoping he was referring to a proposal, but you never know when it comes to him! Our first night we planned on getting all dressed up to go to a show on Broadway. We had a suite where the bathroom was connected to the bedroom on one side and the living room on the other. I was going to use the living room side so he couldn't see me while I was getting ready because I wanted to surprise him with my outfit.

After my shower I walked out into the living room and there was a beautiful black lace dress hanging up with a necklace, earrings and bracelets, as well as shoes! He had bought all of that for me to wear that night, and it was all perfect! I was so surprised. He did such a great job. As we headed to the show, he asked the driver to take us by Rockefeller Center so we could see the tree before the show. We made our way up to the Top of the Rock, which has about 80 stories and overlooks Rockefeller Center.

We were on the very top observation deck. It was freezing that night! As we were looking out over the entire city, I was taking pictures in awe. It was the most beautiful set of lights I'd ever seen! Next thing we know, a couple came up to us and asked if we'd like for them to take our picture. We said yes, and after they got done taking it, the wife said, "Are you guys married?"

I said no and was almost immediately irritated because I was sick of getting asked that question. We had been dating for two years and it seemed like everyone was growing impatient with Tim for not proposing yet. As Tim was fumbling around in his coat pocket trying to get the ring out, the woman asked another question that floors me, "Well is he going to propose tonight?"

I quickly said, "NO!" and turned around, still trying to figure out why a woman with a brain would actually ask that question. She then said, "Oh well. I was hoping to get to see it," and then turned around a walked away. Tim thought, "It's now or never!" so he just kept going on and on about how rude that lady was and how he couldn't believe she said that. I wanted to change the subject since I didn't need another reminder that we weren't engaged yet. Then Tim said, "Well, what if I was going to propose?"

I blew it off and sarcastically said, "Yeah, what if?" and continued looking at the scenery. Next thing I know, he asked a person walking by us if she'd take our picture, and when she was about to take it, he got down on his knee! I was so shocked and excited I couldn't say anything! He put the ring on my finger and said by planning this trip he wanted to show me that he wants to give me the world. It honestly felt like a movie! I couldn't have asked more a more perfect moment.

Then, all of a sudden a huge gust of wind blew and we ran downstairs to the heated room and laughed about how a random lady almost ruined the proposal. Tim said he was planning on doing something different, but felt he just had to go with it once the lady called him out. So even though she almost messed things up, we have a funny story to tell our friends and family, and eventually our kids! And even better, she still didn't get to see it!

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