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Annie J.

Last August, I was scheduled to work in Long Island for the whole week, so I was staying at my parents' house instead of my regular apartment in New Jersey. I had Wednesday off and decided I would go shopping with my mom and younger sister during the day. In the morning, I got a text from Gary saying, "Do everything your little sister says to do and get out of bed. " So of course I rolled over and went back to sleep. My younger sister came into my bedroom, already showered and ready to go. She said I had to hurry and get showered because we had to go. I was thinking Gary had a shopping spree set up because my thirtieth birthday was coming up. So, my mom, younger sister and I finally left the house, but my sister ran back in to get a bag of clothes she claimed she had to return to one of her friends while we were out shopping.

We ended up going into the city and as we were nearing the end of shopping at the first store, I got a text from Gary which said, "Come outside. I am out here waiting for you! " I wasn't sure why Gary was there because he should have been working. I glanced over at my mother, who I could tell was oblivious. So we walked out and my mom saw Gary and was as surprised as I was. We all got back into the car, and I asked Gary what he was doing there. He said we were going on vacation to Boston! I scratched my head and asked, "Just for the day? " He said no. We would be going for the whole weekend, but I would be back Saturday night for my birthday party, which had already been scheduled. He had packed an entire suitcase full of my clothes, hairdryer, shoes and other necessities, which my younger sister had pretended was the bag for her friend.

I got frightened because I thought he had confused the dates I had off, as I had the following week's Thursday and Friday off, not this week. So I told him that, thinking his face would immediately fall, but he just smiled and said he had coordinated it with my boss, who he had only met once. They had emailed and talked on the phone to arrange this, all while I had sat feet away from my boss at work.

So we got on the Amtrak from Penn Station and headed to Boston while I was texting people to rearrange our Wednesday, Thursday and Friday schedules for work deadlines, dinner reservations and meetings with friends. Gary had also made an entire binder's worth of materials with activities that we would be doing over the weekend. I asked Gary if my family knew, and he said only my little sister did. I was a little disappointed because I figured he would have asked my father for my hand, but I was still happy to be going on vacation!

When we got to Boston, we spent one day and night in the city. We took the ferry to Cape Cod and spent the rest of the time there. Friday morning we decided we would go whale watching, which I have always wanted to do. We go to the dock, and we were a little early so we just sat on a bench to watch all of the boats. There was nobody else around. Gary started to say that he knew I had been expecting a ring that weekend. I cut him off to say I knew it wasn't going to happen this weekend and not to worry about it. Then he got up from the bench, and I thought he had dropped something so I looked at the floor. He then said, "Let me do this before I get too nervous " and proposed! I don't think I moved for about ten seconds, and then I just hugged him and said, "Look at what I'm wearing! " He asked, "Is that a yes? " and I said "Yes! "

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