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Annette S.

On the night of January 23rd, I got a call from my boyfriend, Evan, telling me that he was going to take me on an outing tomorrow. His request, quite simply, was dress to impress. For months he was giving me subtle hints that he was going to propose but up until that point I was never sure when. I had had a dress ready for this day even before we met. I'm a romantic at heart and a firm believer in planning. The next day, I got dressed very carefully and awaited his call.

At 2 pm he called me to say that he was outside. He came into my house and gave me a dozen roses. He had on a three piece suit, with a pocket watch and shiny shoes. I was impressed. He led me outside and a limo awaited me. Our driver greeted me and opened the door. For some reason, I assumed that our destination was New York City; instead he took me to the quiet North Shore of Long Island. It was a 30 minute drive to our destination but well worth it. We crossed over the threshold of what looked like a gated garden, driving for about 2 miles before I saw a castle. I was stunned. I never knew long island boasted castles.

Two caretakers of Oheka Castle came to greet us and lead us to the check in counter. It seemed that at some point in history the castle's ownership changed hands and became part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. I was amazed. The Bell Boy took our bags while we checked in and I roamed around the castle that I would call my own for the night. The front desk mentioned that we were the only guests staying for the night. After we settled in, the limo picked us up again and took us to a small, Italian restaurant 2 miles away.

We headed to our own personal nook which was surrounded by velvety red curtains that kept us apart from the rest of the restaurant and we had our own white gloved waiter for the night. After Dinner, the limo took us back to the castle. After a brief stop to our room, I was lead downstairs into what was formerly the gentleman's study. We walked around the room, talking and laughing. Evan started to babble and since his nervousness was infectious, I started to babble as well. After a few minutes of this, he bended on one knee and said, "I love you. I always have and always will. Will you marry me?" I said yes, and then melted onto the floor with him when I saw the ring. It was stunning.

We went back to our room and then Concierge brought us champagne and flutes. He congratulated us and slipped out of the room. I went into the bathroom and changed into something a bit more comfortable and was received by rose petals awaiting me on the bed. It was my own, unforgettable personal fairy tale.

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