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Anibel C.

My fiancé had never met my family so we decided to go to the Dominican Republic for two weeks during the holidays so he could meet everyone. He was a bit intimidated at first because he had never traveled outside of the US and would be surrounded by people who only spoke Spanish. He was so determined to be able to speak to my parents that he took online tutorials as well as rented CDs from the university library. We would text and email in Spanish. It was so cute to see him really want to embrace my culture and be able to speak to my family.

When we got to the Dominican Republic, my family loved him. It was a perfect Christmas Eve, and we traveled to go see my grandfather. We all gathered around the table, talking, laughing and remembering good times. Brian asked me if he could get up and say a few words of thank you to my family for the warm welcome he had received. I was like, "Aw, he's so sweet," and I asked him to let me know if he wanted me to translate for him. Well, little did I know, he had been carrying the ring in his pocket the whole time. He got up and started talking in Spanish and had everything perfectly translated and written down. It was beautiful! He said thank you to my family for the wonderful woman they had raised. He then said we had been together for a long time and knelt down. He said, "Te quieres casar conmigo?" which means "Will you marry me?" My whole family was crying around the table as I hugged him, kissed him and replied yes back in Spanish. I was so happy to be surrounded by family and engaged to the man I had always dreamed of.

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