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Angela F.

I have finally met my prince! We called my fiancé, William, Prince William. He is truly the most amazing person that I have ever met. He is such a nice person and is so cute! We met at "The Greatest Bar" in Boston; I came from my first Bruins game with friends. This guy, Bob, was taking my friend on a date and asked me and my other friend to join too. So, there were three of us girls and Bob. On the way to the game, Bob had told to me that I was going to meet my husband that night. Well, he was right!

My friend, Eileen, who was on the date with Bob ended up taking a cab home and leaving early; they had a miscommunication problem. Danielle and I made a good choice to stay and have fun, instead of wasting $100 for an unnecessary cab home. When we arrived at the bar, I saw Bill and it felt as if only the two of us were there. We just hit it off. He proved to me that night that I was his type by giving me a kiss.

Our first date was at a casino and I knew he was going to be my husband. He proposed to me at Nausett beach. I had no idea. It was so beautiful and we were supposed to be going fishing. It was raining and I had no clue of his intentions. Luckily, the rain stopped when we got there. He had the fishing rods, but no bait or anything else. We were taking pictures of each other just being happy. At first we had some wine and were drinking out of the bottle because he said there were no glasses, he brought beach chairs, blankets, and a picnic basket with fruit. It was very thoughtful.

All of a sudden, he got on his knee and was almost in tears; he proposed to me. I will never forget the look on his face when he asked me to be his wife. He then had two champagne flutes that he had hidden with champagne that we toasted to. He really was thoughtful and made it so special. That day, he tracked down my dad at work and asked him if he could have his blessing. Of course my dad said, "Yes!" I am truly blessed that I found Bill; he really is a prince and we both have wonderful families. I am so grateful to have more wonderful people as part of my family.

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