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Andrea L.

I will never forget the joys that I experienced on April 15, 2007. During that April, David and I were visiting his brother in Florida. Acting as typical tourists, we spent the previous night exploring and spending time with his brother who we had not seen in months. We did not get back to our hotel until 5:30 am the next morning! As we entered our hotel room, David nervously explained that he had a surprise planned and we had to leave in an hour; he was nervous as he knew that I get cranky when I do not get my sleep! To his surprise, I was so excited that I could care less about sleep. I rested in bed for a bit and we hit the road.

We drove through Florida for hours and finally ended up in Key Largo at the Dolphin Cove. My jaw nearly dropped! I had always dreamt about swimming with dolphins, but never had the opportunity to do so. After an hour session of swimming and learning all about the wonderful creatures, a dolphin brought me a large rubber ring with a smaller ring attached, the type meant for your finger. Extremely confused, I up-taped the small ring from the large rubber ring. What could this mean? I turned and David was kneeling on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring in his hand.

As he asked me to marry him, the dolphins began jumping in the background as those around us cheered and took photos. I instantly broke into tears, and of course, I said, "Yes!" In the end, he explained that his original plan was to attach the actual diamond ring to the large rubber ring that the dolphin brought to me. However, he realized that it would not have been the best proposal if the diamond somehow got lost in the water! I have no complaints. I now have two rings, my diamond ring and the ring the dolphin brought me! I will never forget my fairytale proposal and the amazing day I spent with my future husband David.

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