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Andrea A.

On the day of the first snowstorm in the tri-state area, Luke and I had plans to be in NYC to see the Radio City Christmas Show. We took the train down and hurried over so we wouldn't be late! When we got there, I was amazed to see such a festive place. There were sparkles and lights all over. The show was amazing! At the end, as we were ushered out, we could see the snow had already started falling heavily. We made haste to get to the tree at Rockefeller and catch the next train out. Before my foot could make the curb at the corner of the Plaza, I had slipped on a pile of slush and fell face-first into it. My umbrella went flying and my purse smashed to the ground. I was on my hands and knees, trying to get back up. Some man walking next to me saw me fall before Luke had even realized I was down. When the man asked if I was alright and went to help me up, Luke rushed in to get me on my feet. When I caught a glimpse of how many people had seen my spectacular act of klutziness, the tears just started pouring out of me.

Crying, soaked, cold and sore, I hobbled over to the tree. Luke still wanted a picture even after my adamant protests about not wanting one; so I gave in, not wanting to disappoint him. I asked a woman getting ready to take a picture of her family if she could take one of me and Luke in exchange for taking one of her family. She agreed, and we shot her family first. Then, we went to pose, and Luke stepped over to give the woman directions on how to operate the camera (or so I thought). She shot the picture and he turned to me, asking if I loved him. That was it; I was done. The female in me kicked into overdrive and the tears just started flowing in heavy, wet sobs. He asked if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, moving to get on one knee. I couldn't even tell you if I actually got out the word "yes" or not. We got congratulations from the family that took our picture. The train ride home was filled with phone calls and well wishes. I'm going to be marrying the most wonderful man I know.

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