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Amy M.

After closing on our house, my boyfriend Mike and I were excited to walk through it officially as homeowners for the first time. Before walking in, Mike stopped me on the front porch and said, "I know you wanted to be married before we bought a house together, and I'm really sorry that I couldn't do that for you, but I want you to know how much I love you. " I assured him that I loved him very much and that it didn't matter if we were married or not. I told him, "The only thing I need is to be with you. "

As I turned to enter the house for the first time, Mike grabbed my hand and then said, "Well, I do love you very much. And before we walk into our house for the first time, I would like to ask you one thing. " He got down on one knee and proceeded to propose. Inside, Mike had Olive Garden, flowers and wine in the dining room. Olive Garden was where we had gone on our first date together, and Mike had wanted it to be our first meal in the new home as well. We ate dinner on the floor of our dining room as newly engaged homeowners!

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