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Amy I.

Mike and I have been together for ten years. We met at a local ice skating rink, where we went to see a corny and scary movie for our first date. We have had an amazing relationship and an even more amazing engagement. Earlier last year, we were invited to two destination weddings: one for his younger cousin and one for my best friend. He proposed at the first wedding in the Dominican Republic. Earlier in the day, Mike had won the hotel's archery contest. During the evening show, he was presented with an award and a t-shirt!

Later that evening, we were going to meet up with other guests at the casino, but first I wanted to run back to the room to drop off my purse, camera and his award. When we were done at the room, we decided to take a walk and went the long way to the casino through the beach. It was a beautiful evening and all of the palm trees along the beach were wrapped with white lights because it was the holiday season. The breeze coming in from the ocean was perfect.

As we approached the beach, Mike tried to break off a branch from the tree. Sometimes, he likes to have a walking stick, so I assumed nothing of his struggle with the tree. We continued on our walk and headed down to the water, where we just sat and snuggled in a lounge chair that somehow was perfectly placed by the water's edge. We were just enjoying the night when he got up from behind me and started to write something upside down in the sand.

He told me to stand up and come to him, and I did so slowly and cautiously, not really understanding what was going on. When I looked down and read what he had written, I instantly started asking him, "Is this for real? " When he showed me the ring, I knew it was the real thing. I was in shock! I was thrilled but surprised because I did not see this coming, and he was able to get the ring through security and customs without a hitch! We spent the rest of the evening celebrating with his family and winning big money at the casino!

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