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Amelia J.

I have a friend who is a photographer, and every once in a while a client will hire her for advertisement shoots and she has to pick a model. I have done several of these shoots for her. In July of 2008, she contacted me about a friend of hers wanting to open a jewelry store. She asked me to be the model for the advertisement series, and I gladly accepted. We scheduled the shoot for October because her friend needed time to design and create her 2009 line of jewelry. So, the date arrived and my fiancé, Jaime, left our apt before me. He said he had to go in to work on a Saturday and catch up for the days he'd missed earlier that week from being sick.

I headed over to the studio, where my friend had the jewelry collection laid out. The designer was unable to be there. The photographer described to me the feeling in the photo that the designer wanted for the particular pieces, and then we started the shoot. About 3 poses in she asked me to look down and close my eyes, she wanted that shot to be serene and thoughtful. I heard the shutter click, along with some other bustling in the studio.

She told me that I could open my eyes, and that we are going to change pieces. I turned and was surprised to see Jaime on one knee, wearing a suit and holding a gorgeous ring in his hand. The moment completely shocked me so much that I didn't really hear the question and forgot to answer! Once my brain caught up I said," Yes!" and he put the ring on my finger.

The coolest part was that my friend was taking photos the entire time, so I have pictures of the actual moment when he was proposing!

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