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Amber H.

Travis and I had been together a little over a year when he proposed one hot summer day in August. We met when he started working for the school where I used to work. He moved in a little while after we realized we were perfect for each other. I have an 11-year-old daughter Aryah, who warmed up to Travis pretty quickly. I just started to go back to work after summer break, and I came home exhausted one Friday afternoon. Travis had mentioned that he wanted to go to Applebee's a few times earlier in the week, so I wasn't surprised when he suggested we go for happy hour to relax after my rough week. Aryah stayed home, and we went to have a drink and some appetizers. Applebee's just happens to be where we had our first date.

We headed home afterwards and when I opened the door, I saw rose petals all over the floor and every candle in the house lit. The fireplace was going and Keith Urban's "Making Memories of Us" was playing in the background. Aryah was just standing there looking at me. I was like, "What is going on?" Before I knew it, Travis was right behind me and grabbed my waist and spun me around to face him. He was on his knee, holding up a beautiful ring. He asked me to marry him, and I dropped my purse and immediately started crying! Aryah ran to grab a camera to start taking pictures while I cried and hugged Travis. Little did I know, this plan had been in the works for over a month. Travis had asked Aryah for permission to marry me and then had asked her to help him plan the proposal. Aryah had set everything in place while we were gone, and she did such a great job. I was proud of her! I was so surprised and shocked! It really just melted my heart that he had asked Aryah to be such a big part of the proposal. It was so sweet and perfect; I couldn't have asked for anything better!

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