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Amanda W.

I had been studying abroad in Argentina for one month and had gotten in a huge fight with my family before I was supposed to come home. Needless to say, the only bright spot of my homecoming seemed to be my at-the-time boyfriend, who promised to take a day off from work to come get me. A few days before I returned, we were talking on Skype, and he mentioned that he had gotten me a special present because he wanted my homecoming to be memorable. I figured it was just a nice bracelet or something.

After my fourteen-hour flight, I arrived at the airport to see him waiting for me at the baggage claim, chewing gum and looking ridiculously preoccupied. I later found out that he had been nervous because he had forgotten to brush his teeth that morning, so he chomped down an entire pack of gum while waiting for my plane to arrive! Since he seemed so anxious, I teased him a bit while we waited for my luggage and told him to give me my present. However, he responded that it wasn't the right time and that I just needed to wait.

As we walked to his truck, I noticed that he was still acting strangely! He's normally such an outgoing guy that this timid behavior was just bizarre. When we finally made it to his truck, it startled sprinkling a bit of rain, so I kissed him and hopped inside. A few seconds later, he hollered for me to come help him get my suitcase in the bed of his truck. What? He's 6'3 " and went to a military college, while I'm 5'3 " and get mistaken for a high school student almost daily. I was a little shocked by his request, but I got out to help him anyway.

After I had helped him, I turned to get back into the truck and out of the rain, which had started coming down harder. That is when he grabbed my hand, turned me around and dropped to one knee. Between the knee and the Tiffany blue box he pulled out moments later, I was in total shock. I just kept saying, "Yeah, of course, baby, of course! " Then, we kissed in the rain, which was my first ever kiss in the rain. He hates our engagement story because he feels he was very awkward and it wasn't very "him, " but I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world.

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