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Amanda H.

It all started out when my two best friends (who are also a couple) invited me and my boyfriend to celebrate their birthdays on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico in June. On June 5th, we hopped aboard the "Enchantment of the Seas " to start an adventure that would remain unforgettable. On the second night of the cruise, my boyfriend had gotten a little seasick so I took him to our room to get some rest. After feeling a little better, he asked me and my friends if we could go to the back of the boat to get some fresh air. Let me remind you, my friends knew what he was about to do the entire time.

When we got to the back of the boat, there was no one there but us four and it was beautiful. The moonlight was hitting the water below us just right so that we could see the water move beneath us from under the boat. All of the sudden, I saw our two friends back away and my boyfriend make a sudden movement to get down low to the ground. My boyfriend is a really big jokester, so I assumed that he was going to do something scary like nudge me to the railing on the side of the boat. In reaction, I hit the ground running straight for the other side of the boat, laughing. My friends got nervous and screamed, "What are you doing Amanda? Come back! " So I rounded the corner, laughing it off and wondering what going on. Just as I got back to my boyfriend, he was on one knee making a proposal. I went from laughing hysterically to bawling my eyes out in excitement. He said some of the sweetest words I have ever heard and asked, "Will you marry me? " Of course my answer was yes! Right after the proposal, we all went and celebrated by the hot tub and enjoyed our time in Mexico.

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