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Amanda A.

I had been dating my boyfriend, Bobby, for four and a half years before he proposed to me. On October 30, 2008 he was graduating from the Police Academy and getting sworn in by his hiring police department after the ceremony. The whole day was nerve racking: I had class that morning; I had to get ready for his graduation; and I had to go get my nails done.

I finished class and headed straight for the nail salon. I picked out a color that matched my outfit; I wanted to look good because the police department was going to be there, his family and friends, and my whole family. After the lady had painted my nails she told me to be careful and not to touch anything. I paid and then headed to my car. As soon as I put my hands on the wheel I messed up two nails. I reached down and messed up two more nails. I was in panic mode! I did not want to go back and have her redo them, so I went to the store and bought nail polish to redo my own nails. I put my promise ring on, did my hair, finished getting ready, and redid my nails.

I headed out the door and to the graduation site in Northwest Fort Worth. I arrived on time and saw Bobby outside with his friends. I gave him a quick kiss and went inside. Everything was normal and nothing was out of the ordinary. I met up with his family and saved seats for my family, who were on their way. I was looking around at all the people and saw his police chief, captain, sergeants, and some officers along with everyone that came to support him. My family arrived and sat down with me. Altogether we had taken up two or more whole rows!

The graduation continued with a class video, speeches, and awards (Bobby got best shooter!) and there was food and drinks afterward. The two families and friends met up at the stage afterward with Bobby and his police department to start his swearing in as a police officer for the Roanoke Police Department. He was the only one getting sworn in that night. I met up Bobby to give him a good luck kiss before he went up there. His chief met us and handed me his badge to pin on him. I was taken back because I had thought Bobby's dad was going to pin his badge on him since his dad was a police chief. Bobby then told me he wanted me too.

So, we walked up on the stage for the swearing in and then the pinning of the badge. Everyone gathered around the stage, my back was turned to them. I held his badge in the palm of my hand and watched Bobby take his first step of being a police officer. After he was sworn in they asked me to pin on his badge. I unclasped the pin and began to maneuver it into the two holes in his shirt. My full concentration and focus was on getting the pin through the holes and clasped. Everyone's eyes were on me. I was having trouble and was getting nervous because it would not clasp. Finally after what I thought was forever, I got it pinned on. Bobby then presented me with a brown box and stated, "I got you a gift." I started to untie the blue ribbon and opened the lid. He dropped to his knee with tears in his eyes, and asked me if I would marry him. I said yes.

Everyone clapped and cheered with tears in their eyes and had video and cameras rolling. It was beyond belief. Everyone had known about it, my family, his family, our friends, his whole graduating class, and his police department and volunteers were all in on it. He had been planning this for a month and had kept it all a secret! He had asked his class if it was okay because he did not want to take attention away from their special moment of becoming a police officer. I was overcome with happiness and love. I could not believe that on his big day he would propose to me. I look back and think about my nails and how I was glad I repainted them because I had no idea everyone would be looking at my hand that night to see my engagement ring.

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