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Alyssa M.

My alma mater was having a 150th anniversary concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City in March. Jeffrey and I decided to spend the weekend there so that we could see a Broadway show and do some sight-seeing of the parts of the city we had never visited. After a beautiful concert and a few rounds of drinks, Jeffrey and I headed back to our hotel in the wee hours of the morning. Despite the gray, rainy Saturday morning and the fact that we hadn't gotten much sleep, I just couldn't stand to waste the day while we were in New York City. I suggested going down to the hotel for breakfast. Jeffrey agreed but said that I had to open a present before we left. Who turns down a present?

We sat down on the bed as I unwrapped a hardcover book. Imagine my surprise when I saw a picture of the two of us and the title "The Story of Us " on the cover! It started off with a dedication to me and then told the story of our relationship from the day we had met to the present. Each page had a part of the story and pictures to match, including our first date, places we had visited and important events in our lives. He featured every major occasion and added details, humorous stories and compliments all the way through. I have the tendency to cry, probably more when things are sweet and touch my heart, so of course I was very teary!

Then, I got to the page titled "Now This is the Time " and the bells started to go off that there was going to be more to this than just a book of memories. Of course I started crying harder! He made me put the book down, and he kept saying such sweet things to me. Then I picked up the book to read the last few pages, which eventually led to a page titled "Megan Miller, WILL YOU MARRY ME? " Of course I said yes as soon as he asked me! After that, I finally stopped crying, and we let go of our hug to read the book again.

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